Tuesday, April 16, 2013

XenApp 6.5 Apply Full Load Evaluator for Server Maintenance

In XenApp 6.5 in case you want to drain the sessions so that eventually you could reboot the server for maintenance.

there is an option in the XenApp console , where in you can do the following:

This is same as the (drain mode) of Microsoft RDS 2008 R2.

However i have had mixed results with this and sometimes when i prohibit logons it changes it back to Allow logons .

Also this disables the functionality of RDP as well.

I have found using load Evaluator is a better and good option to accomplish maintenance mode for Citrix Xenapp Servers.

In XenApp 6.5 we cant assign load Evaluators to Servers directly , so have to use Worker Groups.

Firstly I created a Load Evaluator (named it Full Load) and used Scheduling Rule.

This Load evaluator if applied to a Worker Group , will apply Full Load (10000) to all servers in the Worker Groups.

I then Created a Worker Group and Named It -- Full Load Worker Group

I used Farm Server as Select Source instead of Active Directory.

I added the server that i want to put in maintenance mode to this worker group.

I ran Group Policy management console on the Xenapp server  to create a Policy to apply the laod evalautor  to the worker group we created above.

Finally i run Gpupdate on the server which we placed in the worker group to apply Full Load Evaluator Policy that we created.

After running gpupdate on that particular server

When you run qfarm /load  it should show you 10000 for that server and no new sessions will be created on it.

Hope it Helps

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